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I do say....
I will be back soon, my friends. When the time is correct.

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Merry christmas, everyone.
I'm taking an elongated break. I'll return eventually.
And I'll be in Disney World for the dawn of the New Year.

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Okay, I'm back!

I actually don't have much to share, but I will tomorrow. Or will feel like doing so tomorrow.

Oklahoma! was good, as was homecoming this evening. Very good.
Yea, I'll begin to share more throughout this coming week.
I'm kind of seeing this as a situation similar to the one in Harriet the Spy, in which mentor and nanny Golly goes away for a time, and returns to enlighten Harriet once again. In this way, I have made my Golly-return, and am now back to enlighten you all.

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And I play the sheriff. Just thought I'd let you know, foos.

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Oklahoma opens tomorrow: hooray! I'm going to write an elaborate post, w/ pictures, descriptions, etc. I'm quite excited. :)

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Starbucks chai tea lattes = holiday goodness.

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I have finally risen from the ashes.
Rehearsal times have really started to increase for Oklahoma!, and the rehearsals themselves have become more grueling. Things are getting tense, but I'm not stressing over it too much.
The Incredibles was, well, incredible: a laugh-out-loud movie with insane characters, like Edna below:

I went to a political lecture Tuesday on the media's effects on the election, etc. It was quite interesting. And it always makes me feel knowledgeable, too.
Dick Gregory (civil rights activist, and namely, stand-up comedian) came and spoke today at school. Martin Luther King III was actually supposed to be there also, but he could not come for some unnamed reason.
The Wendy's Club blog will be updated soon enough.
I actually have taken a liking to some country music. Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, that lot.
This is the newest short film by Pixar, and it is shown before the Incredibles. Its classic, not to mention witty. And deep.
Yes. I'll try to post more as the week progresses.
And now, I quote.
Hannah: Okay, well I must go sing in the rain. Me: It's raining? Hannah: Spiritually.

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  • Oye.
  • I'm seeing The Incredibles tomorrow with Hannah. Quite excited.
  • The Decemberists=hooray.
  • W=*#$^@&*!!!
  • I've basically solved this "problem" that has been making me angry. It was quite simple.
  • [Notice how vague I'm being.]
  • I have officially adopted bulleted notes as my post-formation-of-choice.
  • :-/

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  • Well, thing are better.
  • I saw my four-day-year-old-semi-cousin Iris today.
  • I want to trick-or-treat, but my homework load is intense. Arrrrrrrg.
  • And I wanted to go to this Halloween party too. But its not happening.
  • I'm going to be borrowing Oklahoma on DVd from someone at school soon. I'm excited.
  • I still need to watch Saved!.
  • I don't know. I'm kind of irked about everything. It'll pass.

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I really appreciate my friends. :)

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Ray was incredible, but.....arg.
Jorken, let's talk.

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  • Last night, I was at Hannah's, with Casey too. Good time, good time. We watched Andre, etc.
  • We had a musical rehearsal that was acutally productive today....things are coming together, if you will.
  • I've lost touch with basically everyone from Wisconsin, minus Jorken. Kind of making me sad. But I've moved on.
  • This-guy-from-school-I-know's band, The Metro, played at a coffee house this evening, so I went with my sister and Claire. It was incredible; its really unique music. Its atmospheric, synth-driven but really melodic and liquid-like. Kind of like Modest Mouse. They're putting out a CD in December, so I'm excited. It was quite the concert.
  • We three stayed afterwards for a portion of this world music festival, where the performer we saw was having a gay ol' time looping himself. It was actually really cool. That really is the main career I would like to pursue when I get older: just playing at small, coffee-house venues, looping myself, having a good time with life. You know?
  • I'm going to see Ray tomorrow. Quite excited.
  • Purchased a slew of music. Has anyone else heard of Iron and Wine?
  • Even though I have an intense headache, I'm really happy. With everything. :)

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